Solvency II Wire Data is a simple and powerful tool for analysis of all available Solvency II public disclosures across Europe from Solvency II Wire.

Solvency II Wire Data provides detailed information about the Solvency II figures, enabling you to build reports and view changes over time to better understand the impact of Solvency II.

Solvency II Wire Data builds on Solvency II Wire's unsurpassed market leading reporting and understanding of Solvency II across Europe. We now bring the same level of clarity and reliability to the Solvency II figures to help you make the most of the data.

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Users of Solvency II Wire Data:

Solvency II Wire Data includes a range of features that quickly and easily make the numbers work for you:

   > Detailed company pages with links to data source and company explanation

   > Comparison between companies and countries

   > Filtering and pivot table capability

   > Quick and simple chart and data export

Companies can also be grouped together into a Peer Universe (PU) allowing you to focus your work on the companies that interest you.

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